Dinner for Three Starts Again

It is time for another round of “Dinner for 3”!  The dates we have slated are:   May 11, May 25, and June 1 to coincide with our ONE CHURCH sermon series.

What is Dinner for 3? 

Where 3 households (families, couples, or singles) meet together to share dinner and/or dessert, for 3 evenings.  You can either self-select, or email your name to dan@bridgelangley.org and be placed with two other households.   The idea is that you will together read the bible text that was preached that same Sunday, and together you will share how God has spoken to you through his Word.  Hopefully the sermon will have assisted in “setting the table” for discussion. 

Why Dinner for 3?

1. Getting to know each other better. This is an especially good way to get to know people new to our church, or people you do not know very well.  Or to connect, at a deeper level, with those we already know quite well.  This is in-keeping with our vision to create and nurture space of connection with each other

2. To encourage communal spiritual discernment.  This will be an opportunity to discern together God's word to us. This is in-keeping with our vision to create and nurture spaces of connection with God.