September 2014

There are a lot of exciting things happening at The Bridge this fall!  Check out some of the dates below and join us as we grow and learn together!


SEPTEMBER 14—Launch Sunday We will be hearing about the exciting things that are happening at The Bridge and what we can look forward to!


SEPTEMBER 14—Church BBQ  Everyone is welcome to join us for hotdogs and hamburgers after the church service!


SEPTEMBER 21—Communion Join us as we celebrate Communion together. If you believe in, or are seeking after Christ, you’re welcome to join us. *Note* We serve grape juice in our services.


SEPTEMBER 21—Intergenerational Dinner 5:30pm—7:30pm  An intergenerational event celebrating God’s promises to Noah and us.


SEPTEMBER 22—Neighbourhood Dinner 6pm We are planning a neighbourhood BBQ. If you can help with set up or clean up, and visit with our neighbours please contact Joanna DeVries or one of the deacons: James Wasmuth and Dave McKinnon


SEPTEMBER 28—Sunday School Parent and Volunteer Meeting 7:30pm—8:45pm at the church.  The number of children attending the Sunday School program continues to grow.  We are requesting all Sunday School volunteers and at least one parent from every family with a child in Sunday School come out for an evening of dessert and tea to have a conversation around ‘everything you need to know about Sunday School’.