DECEMBER 2, 2018: This week we begin celebrating the season of Advent, a time when we begin anticipating the coming of Christ!  Join us this Sunday as we look at Isaiah 11, reflecting on the “Raw Root of Hope” found in lineage of Jesus, and how that extends into the idea of brokenness and beauty today.

DECEMBER 16, 2018: This Sunday marks the third Sunday of Advent and we will be focusing on the theme of Joy. Joy can sometimes be a difficult idea to pin down, it is like happiness but not quite. Join us as we look at the gift that joy is and how we can come to know it in our life, church, and community!

DECEMBER 23, 2018: This Sunday marks the fourth Sunday of Advent. Peace can sometimes be hard to find in our world, not only is there war and violence but inner peace can also be difficult to come by.  Join us this week as we reflect on the “Prince of Peace” and the changing reality he seeks to bring among us.