JULY 7, 2019: This week we kick off our summer series on the 10 Commandments! In light of the love and grace of Jesus Christ what role do the law and 10 Commandments still have in our life? Are they still relevant at all? Join us as we take an introductory look at the “Big Ten.”


JULY 14, 2019: This week we dive into the 10 Commandments by looking at Commandments 1&2. So often we hear these opening commandments as negative and restricting, but what happens if we turn then around and see them as positive affirmations of a healthy relationship. Join us as we begin looking at what it means to love God and neighbour through the "Big Ten.”

JULY 21, 2019: This week we will be looking at the third and ninth commandments, and the themes of truth and integrity. How do we try to manipulate or use God to get our way, and how do we often try to manipulate or cover something of ourselves up when speaking to our neighbour? Join us this week as we look at the ideas of truth, integrity and relationships.

JULY 28, 2019: This Sunday we will welcome Pastor Jenna Fabiano to The Bridge! Jenna is an associate pastor at Willoughby Christian Reformed Church. She will be preaching on the theme of friendship, looking at the story of David and Jonathan and also Jesus’ command to love in John 15. We look forward to welcoming Pastor Jenna!