August 23, 2015

Text: John 6:56-69

Title: “Just a closer walk with Jesus”

After Jesus teaches that he is God in the flesh, many disciples stop walking with Jesus.  Jesus presses his other disciples with the question: “What about you?  Will you walk away too?  In this sermon we will explore how the Lord’s Supper nurtures and shapes us to be people who abide in Christ in the everyday. 



August 16, 2015

Text: John 6:51-58

Title: “Flesh and Blood”

What does Jesus mean by instructing us to “eat his flesh” and “drink his blood”?



August 9, 2015

Text:  John 6:35-51

Title: “From where does our help come?”

Jesus teaches “I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me shall never hunger”.   The church is a community of people who come to God for help, and receive the help that God offers - which is the death and life of Christ.



August 2, 2015

Text: John 6:25-35

Title: “Searching for Sugarman"

With Jesus comes an exposed encounter.  Jesus exposes us for wanting him to simply “fill our stomachs”. True faith, he teaches, is encounter with him as Lord.  Jesus is the bread that continually feeds.  Not bread that spoils and perishes.  Whoever comes to me, says Jesus, will not hunger or thirst again.