The Bridge Church is a part of the denomination called the Christian Reformed Church.   We deeply value the distinctives of our denomination, which help us understand our historic and present seat at the ecumenical table.  In other words, we realize that different denominations create diversity at the table, around which sit all followers of Christ, and this diversity is good.  We do not believe that devotion to our distinctives erodes unity among believers.  Rather, knowledge of ourselves creates deeper fellowship with our brothers and sisters.

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The Christian Reformed World Missions organization places and supports missionaries around the world. Check the following link: World Missions.

World Renew (formerly the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee) provides a way to offer relief to those whose lives are traumatized by earthquake, flood, hunger and drought and a way to equip those in developing countries to take care of themselves. Check the following link: World Renew.

What is the CRC up to in Canada?  Select from the following videos: CRC in Canada