We meet at 10:00am on Sunday mornings at 5521 Brydon Crescent in Langley, BC.

The Bridge Church has always valued the gospel’s accessibility.  In a worship gathering, this often means attempting to balance many things.  While keeping in touch with the treasured wisdom of the church’s history, the Bridge has a very contemporary feel.  We try hard to be both intentional and casual - incorporating thoughtful liturgy, along with contemporary worship styles and songs.   We strive to speak the liturgical elements (i.e. God’s greeting, confession and assurance) in ways that will “connect” to everyday lives, not only to someone newer to the faith, but also long-term members. 

At the Bridge, we believe that the participation in habitual practices have the power to shape us.  By participating in the following weekly practices, we believe that we are rehearsing the gospel story in a way that has the gospel story shaping the people we are becoming.  

  • God’s Greeting (hearing every Sunday that God welcomes us with grace, mercy and peace - that he delights in us); 

  • Mutual Greeting (that we are called to perpetuate God’s gracious welcome, realizing that it is not us alone that God welcomes);

  • Confession of Sin (where we “own” our brokenness, choosing not to pridefully project our sin onto others, and instead humbly bring it before God, where the cycle of violence stops)

  • Assurance of Forgiveness (where we hear that God forgives us in and through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ)

  • Lord’s Supper Table (where we gather to thankfully proclaim 'from where our help comes’ - our daily sustenance is through the sacrifice and presence of Christ)

  • Intercessory Prayer (having received the benefit of Christ’s intercession for us, we turn to intercede on behalf of others)


How Should I Dress?
Come as you are. You will see some people dressed up and you will also see people in jeans and a t-shirt.

Is There Anything For My Kids To Do At The Bridge?
Yes! There is nursery available for children aged 0 - 3 years old. Sunday School is available for children aged 3 - 9 years old.

Will You Ask For My Money?
Our church family gives joyfully and willingly as part of our weekly worship. As a visitor, don’t feel obligated to give.