May 8, 2016

Text: Acts 16:6-15

Title:  “Spirit-led”

The Holy Spirit leads Paul to places he would not otherwise choose to go.  The Holy Spirit, in unity with the ascended Jesus, is leading the church in mission.  

May 1, 2016

Text: Acts 16:6-15

Title:  "It takes two"

In this story we see how it is that someone moves towards the decision to be baptized.  We discover the Holy Spirit at work, and we discover how God longs for response and growth.


April 24, 2016

Text: Acts 11:1-18

Title: “Changing the Church"

The Holy Spirit is changing the church, moving them to a deeper understanding of who God desires to enfold, and what legitimates full inclusion in the body of Christ


April 17, 2016

Text: Acts 9:32-43

Title: “Raising Tabitha: Seeing Jesus”

The believers in Joppa are lifted up to encourage us to exercise the same faith that sees how the risen Jesus is alive and active in the world. The same power that raised Tabitha from the dead, resources us to participate in the mission of Christ. 


APRIL 10, 2016

Text: Acts 9:1-20.

Title: “The grace that knocked Saul to his butt, and raised Ananias to his feet”

Jesus is the main actor, who not only enables Saul to see, but Ananias to minister to the “persecutor”.  Oftentimes, before the conversion of others, there is a conversion of the heart that is needed within Christians to be sent, to be propelled to welcome the stranger that God himself has enfolded